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squeal n : a high-pitched howl


1 utter a high-pitched cry, characteristic of pigs [syn: oink]
2 confess to a punishable or reprehensible deed, usually under pressure [syn: confess, shrive]

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  1. A high-pitched sound, as a scream of a child, or noisy worn-down brake pads.



  1. To scream by making a shrill, prolonged sound.
  2. To give sensitive information about someone to a third party; to rat on someone.


to scream a high-pitched squeal
to rat on someone

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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

babble, bark, battle cry, bawl, bay, be indiscreet, be unguarded, bear witness against, beep, bell, bellow, betray, betray a confidence, birdies, bitch, blab, blabber, blare, blast, blat, blate, bleat, blooping, blow, blow the horn, blow the whistle, blubber, blurping, blurt, blurt out, boom, bray, breathe, bugle, buzz, cackle, call, caterwaul, chant, cheer, chirp, clarion, complain, coo, creak, crow, cry, distortion, drawl, exclaim, fanfare, feedback, fink, flourish of trumpets, flute, flutter, fluttering, gasp, give away, give tongue, give voice, grate, gripe, growl, grunt, hail, halloo, hiss, hissing, holler, hollo, honk, hoot, howl, howling, hum, hurrah, inform, inform against, inform on, keen, leak, let drop, let fall, let slip, lilt, low, meow, mew, mewl, miaow, moo, motorboating, mumble, murmur, mutter, narc, nark, neigh, nicker, pant, peach, peal, pimp, pipe, pule, raise a howl, rallying cry, rasp, rat, reveal a secret, roar, rumble, scratching, screak, scream, screech, sell out, shall, shout, shredding, shriek, shrill, sibilate, sigh, sing, skirl, skreigh, snap, snarl, snitch, snitch on, snort, sob, sound, sound a tattoo, sound taps, spill, spill the beans, squall, squawk, squeak, squeals, static, stool, talk, tantara, tantarara, taps, tarantara, tattle, tattle on, tattoo, tell on, tell secrets, tell tales, testify against, thunder, toot, tootle, troat, trumpet, trumpet blast, trumpet call, turn informer, twang, tweedle, ululate, ululation, wail, war cry, war whoop, warble, whicker, whine, whinny, whisper, whistle, whistles, whoop, wind, woomping, wow, wowwows, wrawl, yammer, yap, yawl, yawp, yell, yelp, yip, yo-ho, yowl
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